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How to Choose the Right Charity

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Another concern that business owners often have is whether their money ends up in the right place. If you’re going to donate money, you want to make sure it’s put to good use.

Choose a charity with similar goals.
It’s not that difficult to find a public or private charity that aligns with your company and is known to use its money wisely. It takes some research, but your business should be able to support a charity that does good and is willing to accept your business’s generosity responsibly.

Fusaro-Pizzo suggests picking an organization that aligns with your brand. For example, a company with beach branding should get involved with organizations that advocate for clean water or ocean life.

Also, don’t leave the selection of the charity completely up to the CEO of your company. Poll employees to find out what causes are near and dear to them. Although you may feel strongly about a charity, the rest of your team may not share the same sentiment.

Research charities.
“Do your homework,” said Putnam-Walkerly. “Just because an organization is well known doesn’t mean it’s well run. There are many websites that provide a tremendous amount of information about nonprofits, such as GuideStar, Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance. You can also pick up the phone, call the organization and ask to speak to the executive director. Nonprofit leaders should be happy to talk with potential donors about their organization and their impact, and should be especially interested in building relationships with local businesses.”

Also, run a basic Google search on the charity. You want to confirm that the charity has not received any recent negative press. For instance, a charity may be under a recent investigation for misusing funds.

Keep the charity informed.
It’s also important to keep your chosen charity informed of your plans. Most organizations have a business outreach individual you can contact and coordinate with for your donation and any resulting PR. Even though the charity is a nonprofit, you still need its permission if you want to use its branding in any press releases or announcements you make to customers. Remember that contributions and gifts over a certain monetary threshold may also require written acknowledgment from the charitable organization.

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